Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Upcoming Book "Fang": Fear Fans are Having: Possible Death of Fang

WARNING: Minor Spoiler-Content(if you have not completed Max yet)
Those of you who have read the synopsis for the upcoming, highly anticipated book Fang by accomplished author James Patterson, would have had certain words or phrases jump out at you with a great shocker attached.
The tagline of the book is: Angel says Fang will be the first to die. Angel is never wrong.
Let me give you an idea of the kind of impact this is having on some fans:

FANG CANNOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If he did the world would end! (figure of speech)

i REFuse to let fang die.. it just CANT happen!!!

When is the 6th book coming out? When it does, I will NOT buy it until I find out that Fang stays alive. I will go to the bookstore and skip to the last page to see if hes still alive. if not, I will put it back and sale all my Maximum Ride books!

I, as Medallion, the intelligent, logical, sometimes witty, am going to give you my opinion on this matter. I doubt Fang will die. I do not think any of the flock will die. I mean, just by reading the tagline, you can tell the tagline was put like that to add some drama. I mean, it would be too simple, James Patterson simply letting us know, "Hey, Fang's going to die in the next book. Just wanted to let you know." But I am not sure that Fang won't die. He might, Dylan might take Fang's place, the unthinkable, all what we can't have happen might happen. What we don't want to happen might happen, but we won't know until March. Until we read the book.
I heard from a friend that the series is going to be longer, over three more books, twelve I read on a forum somewhere online. And really, how can the series continue with no Fang? I cannot picture the series without Fang. Without any of the flock. Remember when Iggy left the flock, but then returned? Then Nudge left the flock, but returned as well? James Patterson kept bringing the flock back together. But if Fang dies, he can't return, as this isn't the sort of book where people can come back to life except in Ari's case.
But if you want to know what I want, I do NOT want Fang to die. I want the flock to always stay alive, and hopefully always be united in the end.

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