Friday, March 19, 2010

Fang by James Patterson: Discussion

Beneath this post is where those wishing to discuss the book "Fang" by James Patterson may do so, by commenting.

I would like to issue a giant SPOILER-WARNING,
as there is definite spoiler-content likely to be found in the comments for this post, if you have not read the book, Fang.


Comments Welcome


  1. Medallion- dont you think that we should start this discussion after u have read it? because i think it will ruin it 4 u too...although i have no problem with talking about it :)

  2. I appreciate your consideration,
    but I won't look at the comments, and therefore the book won't be spoiled for me.
    So discuss away :)

  3. cool than. i suggest u stop reading this comment if u havent read it yet but still r taking a peek. i cant believe it! how on earth could fang just leave max, and where was he going?!?! i felt so sad when i read that but it was how the book ended so im gonna have to read the nxt book but its not gonna come out for like a YEAR!!!!! im mad at james patterson, now im gonna have to wait to see what happens. ugh! and how could the flock have kicked max out? (in the middle of the book) im really starting to hate angel.... shes part of the reason fang just left max. now i HAVE TO READ THE NEXT BOOK!!!!!

  4. yeah, and what is UP with dylan? that freak ruined everything!!!!!!

  5. keeping up discussion is kind of boring when the only one discussing is my sister... :) come on! someone must have read it by now!

  6. I READ IT!!!
    To be honest, it wasn't FANTASTIC. But there were a few parts that I really found brilliant.
    Like, the ending. That parting letter. Not that I wanted Fang to leave, but the letter itself was beautiful.
    And you can understand why Fang did what he did. I admire him for it, actually; what he did required considerable strength.
    I have to go right now, but will return and the discussion, I expect, will commence,


  7. i loved that letter it was heartbreaking yet wonderful...

  8. i agree about the letter. have u read the excerpt for the next book? i dont know if it is completely accurate at the moment but i still cant wait. cant wait....

    I really liked that instead of having the same old story and bad guys the story is moving away from it all and onto another topic. i honestly really liked the story this time around. do u think that the injection dylan gave himself at the end of the book is going to have any signifigance in the next book?
    i will try to find the excerpt of the next book then comment with it.

  9. Heres the excerpt for Angel:
    In the seventh book in the bestselling series, evil scientists are still trying to convince Max that she needs to save the world, this time by providing the genetic link in speeding up the pace of evolution. Worse, they're trying to convince her that her perfect mate is Dylan, the newest addition to the flock. The problem is that, despite herself, Max is starting to believe it. Fang travels the country collecting his own gang of evolved humans, but the two separate flocks must unite to defeat a frightening doomsday cult whose motto is Save the Planet: Kill the Humans. And this time, the true heroine, for once, might just be little Angel.

  10. haha not excerpt...summary but not excerpt. i dont know why i was saying that...