Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Book Status

Medallion here, ready to report.

Well, today I re-read The Schwa was Here by Neal Shusterman, a brilliant author, and I definitely progressed in Fang by James Patterson. Will join discussion soon. I am currently reading Antsy Does Time by Neal Shusterman, a follow-up to The Schwa was Here.

What else...?
How 'bout my library status?
OMG, AAAAAHHH!!! Oh, I'm sorry, did you hear that? Or read that?(You're thinking: DUH)
 I was just checking my library account, and this spectacular book I put on hold is FINALLY in transit. I'm obviously very happy.
I also have to pick up Men in Black, the movie, from the library. I have heard it is a very good movie, but...I dont really know what it's about... though I do possess a vague notion that Will Smith (a leading actor in The Pursuit of Happyness among other movies) plays in it.
This other book I have heard about, Stealing Freedom by a Miss Carbone is also waitin' for me to pick it up.