Friday, January 15, 2010

Question: School's Out-FOREVER by James Patterson

Warning: Spoiler-Content for Those who Haven't Read the Third Book in the Series.

OK. Do you remember when Fang read that comment on his blog, and no matter how many times he deleted it, it kept returning? The one saying that one of the flock had betrayed or something...?
Do you think that'll come back in the sixth book(Fang)?


  1. Hey! i agree with u. its totally intriguing that the message showed up, but nothing ever got built up on it. I think that maybe angel is the betrayer because she seems kind of haunting and she wants to be leader, with all her powers and all. it seems wierd that she had all those powers thrown at at her, when she is the youngest... k another question.
    Remember in Schools out Forever have u ever wondered how max's arm regained its functionality even when we know that the idea of it all being a dream is false?

  2. I (Marvel) have pretty much no idea about what actually might have happened. I believe however, that even though the thought of it being a dream is false, maybe they inserted the single scene of losing her arms functionality to try to gain information or control over Max before they brought her out of her "dream".