Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Honor of Angel, Newest Installment of M. R. Series: Quotes from Books 1-6

Let's gaze back upon the amazing awesomeness of the six books...

(OK, here I was GOING to post a gazillion quotes from the books but...there were complications...for example, I wasn't sure about the whole copyright thing, and I did find a site with the quotes but they made errors and typos every once in a while so I was like...yeah. I'm srry about that :( )

Done gazing back? OK. Purpose of this post has been fulfilled.

Before I go...I'd like your opinion. Should I buy Angel? No libraries anywhere near here have it in their catalog! 


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Angel by James Patterson

2 days, people. 2 DAYS until Angel by James Patterson, seventh in the amazing Maximum Ride series comes out. Unfortunately, none of the libraries in the city have it in their catalog. I'm tempted to buy the's pretty inexpensive if you pre-order it(hardcover: around nine dollars) on I'm SO EXCITED!!! I read the excerpt provided on the author's official website...oh God...Dylan gets on my NERVES...he's so irritating.

Progress in Reading:
-Done with about 1/4 of Angels and Demons

I've put The Hunger Games on hold but I'm like 35th on the waiting list :(

As for the sequel to the Riddle by Alison Croggon...The Crow...I dont know whether I am going to buy it. I had initially thought I would gradually buy the entire series as I read the books...but it seems that The Crow will be centering around Hem. Don't get me wrong...I adore Hem, but my favorite characters would have to be the central characters: Maerad and Cadvan. And to have to endure the whole book with little mention of's going to be :(. I'm definitely not saying that it's going to be a bad book or anything like that, most certainly not--I'll just miss Maerad and Cadvan.

Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel (Maximum Ride: The Protectors)


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