Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sorries and Purple Roses

Let's start with the sorries. Or sorry. I apologize for not having posted the Non-Spoiler review of Angel by James Patterson but I have been insanely busy these past few weeks. Still, not many seem to be reading this blog much so I suppose it's not such a catastrophe *cries*. Anyway, my birthday is coming up soon so I was thinking that what I'd really, really cherish would be a gift of purple roses. No, I'm not asking you to somehow send me purple roses :D I'm just hoping that one of my best friends *hint, Marvel, HINT* will send me some. Why purple roses? That's a SECRET! *evil laughter*

All right, that's all for now. Gotta run but I'll post again soon(hopefully)

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spoiler Alert! You Likely Won't Want to Read This If You Haven't Read Angel by James Patterson Yet

SPOILER ALERT!!!(Non-Spoiler Review Coming Soon! :)


I finished Angel last night. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Fang and Max reflected, "What happened to us?"
I would have expected a glorious, dramatic, unexpected, reunion... I hadn't expected them to meet up so soon in the first place.
It was so casually arranged; Fang calls Max, says, "Please don't hang up, but can you come over to California?"
Least of all had I expected their transformation from the closest of friends to bittersweet colleagues with a hidden past.
And...Dylan. OK, I know I said he irritated me before...but now, I just can't dislike him. Compared to Fang's tactless attitude with Max, he seems very kind-hearted. Not saying I dislike Fang, of course. Going back to Dylan. The only reason I now dislike Dylan he's starting to replace Fang in some ways.
And I hope Angel's gonna be OK. We know she's alive currently but I can definitely see that there's going to be some manipulation and betrayal. Now going to the more intellect-based section of the plot...the Doomsday Cult. Definitely very sinister. I wonder how the apocalypse and cult will add up in the end. Will the cult somehow cause the apocalypse, will there actually be no apocalypse at all? We're rooting for ya, Max and Fang(always will be the pair)!
All in all...I loved this book. I've always loved this series, (some of) the characters, and the prose. The author's writing style is exceptional. Angel definitely contained some surprises(not all of them pleasant) but great work as usual, James Patterson.

P.S.#1:  Apparently, the last book of the Maximum Ride series is due to be published in 2012. Repeat: the LAST book.

P.S.#2: Non-Spoiler Review Coming Up! :)

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reading Progress :D

Hey all,
long time since I posted...
well, I started Angel by James Patterson and paused about halfway through late last night. Didn't want to stop but I had an event early next morning so it wouldn't have been wise to stay up past midnight. I'm also currently reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown(I completed Angels and Demons a week ago, by the way). I am STILL on the holds list for The Hunger Games; it's taking an unbelievably long time :(

Book recommendations, news, reflections, or just any comments? Post your amazing intellect in Comments.

-I probably will complete Angel soon so look forward to a post on that! :)

-I just read for some time--I'm actually editing this post which I began several hours ago--and I'm almost done w/ Angel...once again, Angel Post Coming Soon :)

Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel