Thursday, April 21, 2011

Updates! :D

Hey all!
Happy April! :)
Lots of awesome book news...

1). I completed The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and now officially consider myself to be a Dan Brown fan. His writing is amazingly masterful...I've read the three books revolving around Robert Langdon, protagonist of The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and The Lost Symbol. I really, really hope Dan Brown writes another book(w/ Robert L. as the protagonist). I am reluctantly considering reading his other books regardless of the fact that Robert Langdon isn't in them :(. Not any time, soon, though. Why? Read on to #2!

2). I am currently reading The Crow by Alison Croggon, which is the third book in the Pellinor series followed by The Singing. As I expected, The Crow is very good, although I do miss the original stars, Maerad and Cadvan. I highly recommend the Pellinor series!

3). Marvel bought me The Hunger Games (book 1) recently so I'm going to begin that the instant I'm done with The Crow! I'm very eager to read it...after all, it's a very popular book especially with teenagers...I would have read it before now but I've been on the waiting list for several months and still am not even #20. Which is why I am extremely grateful Marvel bought me The Hunger Games. Thank you, Marvel :D

I actually have to
go right now(but really wanted to write a post so be happy with this much!)

I want to close with a request for you guys to tell others about this blog...I'm hoping for BookLoversCentral to gain a large community where people, especially book lovers, can talk about books and just have a great time receiving and giving recommendations, discussing books and characters; this whole awesome idea was in my mind when we chose BookLoversCentral as the name of this blog. So, please spread the word, give the link to friends, etc.

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