Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry, a History, the Trials of Friendship and a Few Other Things.

Hey Everyone. Missed me? Of course you did; what a rhetorical question.
I'm kind of bummed out 'cause I had just finished typing this post and I accidentally deleted all that I had typed. Oh well.

I've been reading Harry, a History, by Melissa Anelli. It's very good thus far; I'm on page 123, and I'm sure Harry Potter fans, like myself and Marvel, will enjoy it. And even those who neither like it nor despise it. And as for those who despise it...I don't know why they even picked it up in the first place; the title is kind of obvious, don't ya think?

The cover is very nice, the theme based on Gryffindor colors. "Harry's glasses" are atop two large books on the cover, as well. I will most likely give a detailed review when I've finished the book.

I acquired Trials of the Death (5th book in the Cirque du Freake series by Darren Shan). I am DYING to read it, but, as you know, Marvel and I read the series together, and it's sort of an agreement which Marvel has breached more than once already that we can't begin reading the book before the other has also acquired it. One must put aside, however, one's impatience to understand the true meaning of friendship...which is to wait for Marvel to get it from the library as soon as she can. (Hurry up, Marvel!).

I've been thinking about the issue of posting spoiler content on this blog. Thus far I've made it as non-spoiler as possible, but now I'm thinking that wouldn't it be better if I included spoiler content, but when I do, it will be like: DISCUSSION OF CHARACTER OF MR.CREPSLEY: WARNING: SPOILER CONTENT.
I think it's restrictive being so general, and it will contribute to the blog when others can speak freely about aspects of a book.
Example: "Remember when he died? I started crying..." "Oh, you know how the girl went and told Lewis about the incident.  I wanted to smack her on the cheek..." "No, she was just scared that her mother would find out, she needed to confide in someone..." "I think the author shouldn't have made her such an innocent character because..." "I love the character of Lewis...he was so funny when..."
You get the idea. We can all be more free when we discuss books. If you like the idea or dislike it, lemme know and comment. But in my opinion, I think it's a good idea, as it addresses readers out there who absolutely HATE it when someone spoils a (good) book for them, like I do. In conclusion, the idea would be to mention in the title whenever there is spoiler-content.

Random Musing: Doesn't the weekend fly by? Saturday passes by especially fast, though.


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