Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alex Rider Series

Hey all!

It's Marvel, and I would like to expand on the Alex Rider Series that Medallion briefly mentioned in her post to Samiira.  Ok, so basically, the Alex Rider series can be considered a spy thriller or mystery.  So far, 8 books have been released, and it is rumored that Anthony Horowitz (the author) is coming out with two others.

To read a synopsis for Stormbreaker, the first book in the series, click on the link below.

Also, I have recently discovered, that Stormbreaker is now also a graphic novel.  Stormbreaker is also the only book in the series that is currently a movie, where Alex Rider is portrayed by Alex Pettyfer.

The books in order are:
1) Stormbreaker
2) Point Blanc
3) Skeleton Key
4) Eagle Strike
5) Scorpia
6) Ark Angel
7) Snakehead
8) Crocodile Tears
Not Published:
9) Yassen
10) Endurance Point (rumored title)

Happy Reading!

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