Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cirque Du Freake-Where are We?

in this post I aim to update y'all on Marvel and I's status regarding the Cirque du Freake series.
Less than an hour ago I completed Lord of the Shadows, the eleventh book out of 12 in the was FANTASTIC!
Really, when-oh wow, I was going to release a huge spoiler. Shame on me. OK. Well, you guys have been saved due to my quick reflexes.
Marvel has started the book(Lord of the Shadows) but she has not completed it yet...she's occupied at the moment but I'm going to make sure she finishes it as soon as she can so we can begin the conclusion of the Cirque du Freake series-SONS OF DESTINY.

Wait, now that we're on the subject of Cirque du Freake, have any of y'all watched the movie "The Vampire's Assistant"?
I already have low expectations for it.



  1. i havent seen the movie but my friend said it was terrible. i still wanna c it though. i LOVE the series though it is awsome!!!! have u read some of darren shan's other books they're really gud!

  2. the demonata series is really gud.
    and im listing these from a website:
    the city trilogy
    the thin executioner