Friday, May 14, 2010

Garth Nix and Nancy Farmer

Apparenty Nancy Farmer is an author who lives in California and...has written a couple of books in science fiction.

Garth Nix is an Australian author who has written young adult fantasy series including the Old Kingdom series, The Seventh Tower series, and The Keys to the Kingdom series.

I've never heard of them before...if any of y'all HAVE heard of them, or rather, have READ some of their work, then let me know which books you read and if/why you liked them.


  1. kool sound interesting. the book. i have heard of the series the authors have written b4 but i have not read them. i finished freefall, most recent book to tunnels series, cant wait for final book. hope its final, takes a long time 2 reread the series seriously. have you read maze runner???? thats a really good book. actually a 9 out of 10. maybe 9.5.....

  2. oh yea "bad girls dont die" by kate elender i believe ( not sure if authors name is spelled right) is and AWSOME book. u must read it.

  3. Maze Runner? Who's it by?

    -As for BAD GIRLS DON'T DIE, a friend of mine recommended it to me as well. The issue is, my library does not have it. :(


  4. The Maze runner is by James Dashner... i was going to read it, but i got bored. coco liked so it must have been good.

    i am halfway done with freefall- it was boring in the begining but its getting better, just get past the begining :)

  5. I put The Maze Runner on hold. Thanks; I found the plot quite intriguing, judging from the very vague synopsis I read.

    ...I don't think I'm going to read's just one of those books,y'know?

    At the moment, I am ECSTATIC because I retrieved SEVEN books that I am DYING to read from the library today; one of 'em is INCARCERON!

  6. YAY! let me know if its worth reading.

  7. Hey! just wanted to let u know that coco and i have started a blog:
    its just a place where we r posting our poetry. it would be great if you guys could give us input them!


    my picture 4 ur blog as a header
    plz tell me if u got it so i can delete it

  9. I like it TRFH...its nice

  10. Hey! i just read 'The Perfume' by Caroline B. Cooney. Its....interesting.... a good read but actually pretty confusing on how they wrap the story up. Have you read it? Care to enlighten me on how it ends?

    i made another blog!!! yay!

  11. Caroline B. Cooney...I've never read any of her books but now's as good a time to start. I read the synopsis and it seems pretty OK; I'll try to procure the book and then later we can discuss it.