Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Book Status

Medallion here, ready to report.

Well, today I re-read The Schwa was Here by Neal Shusterman, a brilliant author, and I definitely progressed in Fang by James Patterson. Will join discussion soon. I am currently reading Antsy Does Time by Neal Shusterman, a follow-up to The Schwa was Here.

What else...?
How 'bout my library status?
OMG, AAAAAHHH!!! Oh, I'm sorry, did you hear that? Or read that?(You're thinking: DUH)
 I was just checking my library account, and this spectacular book I put on hold is FINALLY in transit. I'm obviously very happy.
I also have to pick up Men in Black, the movie, from the library. I have heard it is a very good movie, but...I dont really know what it's about... though I do possess a vague notion that Will Smith (a leading actor in The Pursuit of Happyness among other movies) plays in it.
This other book I have heard about, Stealing Freedom by a Miss Carbone is also waitin' for me to pick it up.



  1. okay, this comment is kind of meaningless.
    its about the percy jackson books.
    k, rick riorden should really try not to put so many details in his books, bcuz some go against each other
    for example: in the sea of monsters, on page 239, percy contacts wine dude through iris-messaging to prove that luke poisened thalia's tree

    but in the titans curse on page 67, these is exactly what riorden worte:

    my father? it had been way too long, almost two years, since i'd actually talked to him. but could you even send an iris message to a god? id never tried. would it make them mad, like a sales call or something?

    i found a few more examples, but i dont remember them right now, due to a stupid headache
    and i really should go to sleep rite now....

  2. random RFH but funnny. wats the new book u waited for medallion?

  3. hey!
    i just read "life on the refrigerator door"
    its a really fast read, and its topic is really cool, but i honestly think that its wasting ALOT of paper... u should try it, or have u already read it? i just finished book 9 of the cirque du freak! NO!!!! i cant beleive what happens!!!

  4. The new book I waited for is can't really remember...maybe it was "Antsy Does Time" by Anthony Horowitz...the thing is, recently I picked up several books I was anticipating with great fervor, so I am not sure which particular title I was referring to at that time. BTW: I read The Schwa was Here by Anthony Horowitz, and then Antsy Does Time. Both were excellent.


  5. "Life on the Refrigerator Door?" Uhm...never heard of it...Let me go online and check out the synopsis...Wow, it looks good...original...
    I'm puttin' it on hold right now...
    Thanks for the Recommendation, Bree!


  6. CoCo:
    I truly intended to keep the first book of the Dreamhouse King Series on hold, but my local library does not have it. I am going to put in a book request, however.
    :) Thanks again for Recommending

  7. Hi Everyone.
    Just wanted to inform you that I have put Incarceron by Catherine Fisher on hold, and if it would appeal to you, I would like to suggest that you acquire it as well so discussion afterwards could ensue.
    Remember to scroll down to view the synopsis


  8. Whoops; in one of my previous comments I had said that the author of the Schwa was Here is by Anthony Horowitz. CORRECTION: THE SCHWA WAS HERE IS BY NEAL SHUSTERMAN.

  9. wow, Incarceron sounds really good, im going to try and put it on hold or something...thanks for the recommendation!!!

  10. oh and has anyone else finished fang yet? it would be fun to get that discussion going :)

  11. I finished Fang: will enter discusssion asic(as soon as i can)


    (Glad to hear you put Incarceron on hold! I'm, like, still ninth or tenth on the holds list! How about you?)

  12. therulerforhumor....i wuz just 2 lazy 2 sign inMay 4, 2010 at 8:27 PM

    yes yes just ignore MY comment...

  13. I didn't ignore it; I read it(if you're referring to the first comment of this post).

  14. trfh...still 2 lazy 2 sign inMay 8, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    teehee, no i wuz talking 2 bree