Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody it's Marvel! (Yes, I am actually posting. :D)

It has come to my attention that several books we have discussed before have new books coming out. 

39 Clues: For any of you who read the series, the newest book #8 The Emperor's Code by Gordan Korman is coming out April 6.

Also, for fans of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, he is coming out with two new series: 1. The Egyptian mythology series we may or may not have discussed before.  The first book of the Kane Chronicles will be The Red Pyramid to be released May 4.

2.  Riordan is also coming out with the next series following Percy Jackson and the Olympians which is known so far as Camp Half-Blood, Book 1 and is set to come out October 12.

Now, for books that are coming out and not new series.

1. Fading Echoes is the newest title in the most current Warriors series (Omen of the Stars).  It is the second book so far in the usual six book sets of this series.  It was released just yesterday.

2. FANG of course has already come out. But you should already know that ;)

So, these are some of the newest and upcoming releases in the book world.  If there is anything you would like me to keep an eye on and alert you about let me know, I am forever looking at new books (even if I can't buy them).

Farewell for now!


  1. Bree looked online and told me the next book after fang is gonna come out next march!!!!! too far away..:( its going to be called "Angel". SInce u unfortunatly havent read fang yet, i cant really tell u what its about. i cant wait!

  2. Ur worst nightmareMarch 26, 2010 at 3:50 PM

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  3. i am reading the dreamhouse king series, it is an amazing series! have u 2 read it? its really good. i just finished the 3rd book and realized there are 3 more books after it! i got really mad cause i checked and my school doesnt have it and neither does the public library. im gonna have to get the book some other way... ugh i hate it when authors leave you hanging!

  4. OMG!!! Angel??? Really??? When I read Fang, I am definitely going to check out the Synopsis.

    The Dreamhouse series? Sounds, I haven't had the pleasure of reading it yet...oh...well, I hope you find a way to get the book; you could buy it, I suppose, or put in a book request at your local library(although they don't always buy the particular book).
    I wouldn't say "HATE", I would say, experience a feeling in which you want to shriek and bang the book against the wall, but you don't as that would be a violation of your moral code.

    Anyways, now I'm definitely going to check out the series. In fact, I'm going to put it on hold at my library right now...Thanks for the recommendation; I'll let you know how I like the first book, and then maybe open a discussion page where we can discuss it.

    Oh, almost forgot: Thanks to: CoCo and Bree, for recommending BookLoversCentral on Irandom. I appreciate it, you guys :), and speaking for Marvel, she does too.


  5. ya, i think i would replace hate with the the description above. glad i could give you a recommendation!!!! i would like to buy the next book, but i already read the first 3 so it would be kind of a waste to buy a book in a middle of a series.That would be cool to discuss the dreamhouse king series.
    yes, angel sounds really exciting. have u guys read the alex rider series??? its really good, although there are like 8 books, last time i checked.
    Your very welcome,by the way,although no offense ur blog really does need publicity, to do discussions and stuff like that. i mean, me and my sister were the only ones trying to bring a discussion since no one else really has read fang...

  6. It wouldn't be a waste, especially since you seem to love the series so much...anyways, it's up to you.
    Yup we have, both me and Marvel. We have read the all the books of the series thus far and love 'em.
    Yes. Yes, I know. I acknowledge this solemn truth: this blog does not exactly have an outpouring of web traffic. Or people just don't have good taste these days. YET, I do believe that logic can approach humanity and this blog can have more followers than I can count. That is, if the number of followers wasn't displayed.
    Yes, as I said, I do appreciate you and your sister's participation as followers/members of this blog, and your efforts to increase our(Marvel and I) blog's publicity.


  7. yup... hey who actually started this blog? you or marvel? although it seems medallion is the one who actually posts. have you read the inkheart series and seen the movie? the movie was really bad, compared to the books, but its always like that, when books turn in2 movies... wait have you seen the alex rider movie? (its my 2nd favorite series, after maximum ride)

    CoCo (which of course is not really my real name)

  8. Hey! It's Marvel.
    I actually don't remember who it is who started the blog. I realize that I don't post very often, I am actually surprised that Medallion has the time to post all this, her life seems very busy compared to mine, and I'm usually on a time crunch. I completely agree with the fact that they butcher the books-into-movies. I have seen and read Inkheart, I totally agree the movie was a disgrace. I have also read Alex Rider and I have a friend over where I am who is also anticipating the next book Yassen. I have seen the movie, and didn't think very much of it. I very much hope that they don't ruin the Maximum Ride series too it is also one of my favs, and I couldn't stand to see its destruction at the hands of Catherine Hardwicke (I can't believe she is directing it. :-(). Hopefully, she will make it better than the atrocity she made out of Twilight, unless you believe that she did a good job with that movie, for which I am sorry for imposing my opinion on you.

    Marvel :)

  9. i dont really like twilight an i hvent readthe book. OMG the next bk is called Yassen"???? i didnt even kno there was gonna be a nxt book!!!!!!

  10. OOOO, have any of you read 'Nightlight'? It's a HILARIOUS parody of Twilight.

    It's all like Bella Goose, in the town of Spoons, fell in love with Edwart Mullen....

  11. I can see why CoCo freaked out about it being called 'Yassen'.....should I say why CoCo?

  12. i so did not freak out because its called yassen!!! anyway, thats spelled wrong RFH, it doesnt have 2 s's. i just freaked since i didnt kno there was gonna be a nxt bk!! it supposed 2 be about the assasin yassen and his life, says the internet, not really part of the series but there is gonna be 10 bks in the alex rider series including yassen, the last bks gonna be called "endurance point" but i dont kno wats it about. nightlight sounds weird...

  13. Hey Y'all; RTFH, welcome to BookLoversCentral. And I noticed you linked our blog on yours :)

    What else...hmm...guess what??? I have FANG; I obtained it recently, and I'll either make a new post when I've finished reading it or join the previously made discussion post.

    Nightlight? LOL. Is it a book or some sort of online fanfiction?

    Um...why would CoCo "freak out" from the title of the next book, "Yassen"?

    Visit the following link for a previous post on the Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz:


    (If this comment sounds choppy, it's because I'm trying to address all the comments).

    I have read and watched Inkheart. As always with movie adaptations, the book was better. I've watched the movie, Operation Stormbreaker; yet again, the book was better. Way better.

    Anyways, I must depart for now. I plan to post tomorrow.

    Oh, wait! In answer to your question, CoCo, I suggested to Marvel that we create this blog. At first it was just to host our future podcast, but then I approached the idea of posting throughout the year and podcasting in summers only. Marvel agreed, and that's a very concise summary of the development of BookLoversCentral.


  14. wow i missed alot! i just finally got time to check the blog...well, on the movie topic marvel brought up, i dont think i really want to watch the maximum ride movie, because so far, every book based movie has been butchered. i dont want my view on the book to be ruined. ONe more thing, why r u missing the one and only GAZZY on the poll? i just noticed that... and to the ruler for humor, the name Yassen, is completely and utterly different, spelling wise and meaning wise. so there. :)
    OMG TRFH why have u not become a follower to this blog? u better or u r never going to hear the end of this from me :)

  15. bree, i AM a follower, the same way i follow AM's blog, privately. bcuz there r a lot of rude ppl who made weird comments on her blog, and i dont want to be the one to be blamed when weird ppl make weird comments on this blog, unless Marvel and Medallion dont mind.

    and nope, nightlight is a proper novel, u can find at barnes and nobles in the place where they display twilight

  16. oh yeah bree and coco, it has a very close resemblance, and coco was was all like OMG and blah

  17. i would freak out since some1's name i kno sound familiar 2 yassen. medllion u have fang!?!?!?!?! omg enjoy it!!! its awsome!!!!! i let aspiring muslima borrow my copy from skool so shes in the middle of it already. we can have an actual discussion 2...

  18. hahahaha its such a coincidence that coco let aspiring muslima borrow fang on the same day medallion aquired it....

  19. I suppose it is.
    Why are you laughing?