Friday, February 5, 2010

Trials of Death by Darren Shan.

HUGE SPOILER-WARNING: There is definite spoiler content in this post if you have not read Trials of Death.

OK. I left some space in case someone like Marvel has his/her peripheral vision catch some keywords that would spoil the book for him/her.
Breathe in, breathe out.
OK, I kind of noticed something going on with Kurda; little hints, but when he actually knifed Gavner, I was like...
And then Darren was there when it happened, and he rushed forward, and Gavner told him he was sorry if his snoring kept him awake(a little cheesy finish to one's life). Poor Gavner.
The Trials were very interesting; OK; downright terrifying and spectacular at the same time. The aquatic maze, and then the stalagmites/stalactites, and the room full of flames...and the boars...
And then Harkat Mulds, he jumped in to save Darren, and then Darren was actually going to be SENTENCED TO DEATH(????).

I'm sure the vampaneze-Kurda-Gavner issue will be more clear to me when I read the next book: The Vampire Prince.

I'm sure Darren won't die. Even though he thinks he wills by letting himself go in that stream that runs through the mountain and where deceased vampires used to be put in until...OK, if you're read the book, you don't need to hear the delightful details again.

 I mean, the Saga of Darren Shan can't go on for about how many books without Darren.

Wow. The book was really good. And had some very interesting aspects and occurences...
You know, it used to be that Marvel would get the book we were reading together before me, and then either have to fight and overcome the temptation to read the book before I got it, or succumb and later on the telephone sheepishly say,"Yeah...the thing is...yeah, I kind half the book already...please, not so loud, I have guests over..." LOL(I believe that stands for Laugh Out Loud. Do it, Folks)
Anyways, a month or so ago, it switched. I had to wait for three weeks for Marvel to get the book. But then it switched again a day or so ago.
Marvel: "I got the Vampire Prince, so..."
My eyes bugged out. "YOU got it already?"

If you have just finished the book like me,
and need a place to vent, this is the place.


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  1. You really gotta read Hunters of Dusk; it's fantastic!