Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Around the World in 80 Days, Part 2

I'm a little over half way done with the book as of now. So, yesterday, I grabbed a notebook and set to writing the thoughts that occurred to me while reading the novel, which proved to be rather imprudent as I ended up writing more than reading. Here are some of the notes I came up with:
phlegm, and phlegmatic:
I knew this definition: thick mucus produced in abnormal quantity in the respiratory passages.
I didn't know it meant this, too:
2. cold indifference.
3. calm fortitude
Either way, I'm not about to compliment somebody for their "phlegm" in the face of adversity any time soon.
phlegmatic: not easily excited, slow to respond.
Page 44: "lugubrious". Wow. What a word. Apparently it just refers to something dismal. AKA: They could have used the word "sad." Found that amusing.
I loved loved loved the closing of Chapter 12! Page 46, when Sir Francis Cromary says in response to Fogg's inclination to assist the beautiful Indian hostage, "Why, you are a man of heart!", Fogg replied, "Sometimes, when I have the time."
Yeah. Epic. I think it speaks for itself.
So the thought that came to my mind here was this, scrawled in my oh-so-neat handwriting: "He's an interesting character, to be sure. Not so dreary after all."
One last note before I retire: On page 47, when the Indian guide forewarns Fogg of the risks they are taking in attempting to rescue the Indian damsel-in-distress, Fogg responds with his ubiquitous "That is foreseen." Here I penned hard on the paper: "GAWD I LOVE HIM---this book!"
Ironically, on that very same page, Passepartout's newfound love for Phileas Fogg is acknowledged.

Await Part 3

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