Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reading Progress :D

Hey all,
long time since I posted...
well, I started Angel by James Patterson and paused about halfway through late last night. Didn't want to stop but I had an event early next morning so it wouldn't have been wise to stay up past midnight. I'm also currently reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown(I completed Angels and Demons a week ago, by the way). I am STILL on the holds list for The Hunger Games; it's taking an unbelievably long time :(

Book recommendations, news, reflections, or just any comments? Post your amazing intellect in Comments.

-I probably will complete Angel soon so look forward to a post on that! :)

-I just read for some time--I'm actually editing this post which I began several hours ago--and I'm almost done w/ Angel...once again, Angel Post Coming Soon :)

Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel

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