Friday, October 15, 2010

Sweets and All That Jazz

This is one of the few posts on this blog that has entirely nothing whatsoever to do with books. I dedicate this post to my baby sister who's birthday was today("Love you, Sis!")
We bought her surprise cupcakes today, which reminded me of the pastries and sweets that I, and many people, love; therefore, on a random impulse, I am constructing this post. Enjoy!
(I am not responsible for any one who chooses to indulge in more than the recommended serving of delectable pastries or cakes as a result of the images shown in this post.)

-Sugar cookies! I love 'em', be they plain or covered in thick lovely cream or glitter!

Ice-cream cake...omg, just looking at the picture makes me feel as though i'm smelling its beautiful, cake-ice-cream cake aroma...i swear, i feel like there's one right in front of me...

ICE-CREAM! K, who doesn't love ice-cream? I favorite flavors include cotton candy(shown in picture) and strawberry. Did ya know there's even a bubble-gum flavor out there? With genuine bubble gum pieces in it.

All righty...that's stomach's hurting from eating cupcakes...

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