Friday, September 17, 2010

What I Didn't Like About Esther Friesner's Story about Helen of Sparta(Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize)

With all due respect to the author and her books, I didn't like numerous aspects of Nobody's Princess and Nobody's Prize.

1. Very unsatisfying. I do admit, Esther Friesner did bring in several interesting characters but she didn't give us enough of them. Like Herakle's nephew, and Jason, and how 'bout Herakle himself? What happens to them? It just doesn't seem right-why did she cut their stories there???
 Fine, Helen's the main character, but  minor characters are important as well and often make as much a difference to the reader's experience as does the main character. If the author makes a sequel to Nobody's Prize, the only reason I'm going to read it is to learn more about the minor characters.

2. Weak novel, no direction. It seeemed like the author had a very weak plot, if any, besides having the main character travel to different cities and places, representing the ideal strong-minded woman as she makes friends and enemies who have strong feelings for her for no genuine reason.

3. Inappropriate. It had seriously wrong stuff in there-I was shocked. I mean, some books you expect to have language or something less than appropriate...but this is a simple story about a girl going off on adventures to earn her freedom-and then they bring in concepts that I rarely read about in distinctly teen books. And how and when they implement the concepts is rather amateur, in my opinion. How many times they brought in the concepts...honestly, I find that a very unskillful way to keep a story going.


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